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1. Why can’t I access all the menus after registration? How do I gain full access rights?

A newly registered linguist will not be able to access most menus in the dashboard. They are provided for linguists that have been evaluated by Freelinguist® and are qualified to provide language services on Freelingu ..Read More

2. Is my Public Profile important? How should I prepare the public profile?

It’s extremely important! The public profile is what the clients will see once they browse your page. To be more specific, the public profile when you request evaluation will be the most important. While you can cont ..Read More

3. How should I prepare for the evaluation?

In addition to preparing a stunning public profile, please upload all supporting documents, files, certificates, etc. using the “Upload Material and Certificates” function. These will be used by us to verify the pu ..Read More

4. How do I get work from clients?

It starts when clients post their jobs on the Freelinguist® website. Each job has specific requirements regarding the work. If your skill set is highly relevant to their job, then the chances of getting hired are like ..Read More

5. Can I grow my work as a linguist at Freelinguist®?

Yes, you can grow with us, but it depends upon how capably and efficiently you perform your work. Deliver perfect work and earn five star ratings! Then future clients will value your services before hiring you. In addi ..Read More